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Duro-Last "The World's Best Roof"

I.C. Enterprises, Inc. is a Platinum Contractor for Duro-Last Systems, which means we are ranked in the top 3% of all installers in the world.  We highly recommend "The World’s Best Roof" for your commercial roof project!

Why do we Choose to install Duro-Last, Inc. Roof Systems?

-A Complete Roofing System : A single source, made in America, manufactures all components.  
-White :
Reduces heat in the building by reflecting 88% of the sun's ultraviolet light.  Colors and patterns are also available.  
No waste for your project, projects are custom-designed by us specifically for your roof.  
Large roof panels (up to 2,500 sq. ft.) provide excellent coverage and enable easy tear-off should damages occur.
- Watertight : Duro-Last is heat fused at all seam junctions.  Heat welds create the strongest roof systems available.  
The application time of the Duro-Last System is very fast  and minimally disruptive.  You won't even know we're there.  
-Weather Friendly: Excessive heat, cold, wind, dew, and mist do not affect the quality of your roof during installation.
-Serviceable: If modifications are made to your roof, Duro-Last can supply new custom components and reseal the roof using the same heat welding process.  
- Environmentally Friendly: Duro-Last has been recycling roofing systems for over 20 years.  

Duro-Last's 16 available warranties provide unparalleled security for virtually all commercial roofing applications.  The standard, comprehensive 15-Year No Dollar Limit Warranty is the best in the industry.  It's transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water, and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from material defects and the authorized contractor's installation.